Save Red Ryder

Dear Editor:

Save Red Ryder and Little Beaver.

Do we really need an amusement park on Reservoir Hill? No, but we could use one to help save Red Ryder Park and be better served at U.S. 160 and Piedra Road — the halfway point between downtown and uptown.

We are in danger of losing Red Ryder Park and Museum (see foreclosure notice published in The SUN starting on 12/20/12).

This is local history that the town of Pagosa should save and that could be built upon to attract more tourists. Mr. and Mrs. Harman could stay on as “artists in residence” and a western/ranching theme park (with western shootouts, stagecoach and hay rides, etc.) could be put in place easily. No trackhoes and trees taken down (that would be needed on Reservoir Hill), and no zipline needed. No pollution added to town.

Let the snowshoers, mountain bikers and hikers enjoy the “small forest” we have in our town, which few towns our size have, and save our heritage at the same time.

Maureen Balog

This story was posted on January 3, 2013.