Dear Editor:

If you’re still struggling with capitalism vs. communism, you clearly missed the 21st century. Put it to rest, capitalism won and is now defined as: if you make or grow something or provide a service and nobody wants it or you can’t eat it, you starve! Today, all economics are strictly defined by numbers. Let’s call them “consumers.”

Question: What nations have a negative fertility rate? Answer: all the western world. Look at some numbers: the U.S. has a total population of 315 million with 85 million younger than age 20, while India has 725 million people less than age 25 with China at 1.3 billion with a one kid per family policy. So who has the workforce potential?

Better question: What nations have access to global markets, manufacturing, economic tools, information technology skills and the most consumers? Right, it isn’t us.

So, how can America compete? Well, immigration and innovation are literally our only answers. So who viciously fought these economic tools? The Republicans. That is, until they lost the last presidential election. What, no way, seriously, you doubt Tea Party Rubio’s new sincerity? Check out their latest attempt to gerrymander the vote via the Electoral College. If these modestly gifted antiquarians are on your ramparts, you need lots of assault rifles.

And how are these pale images of intelligence going to solve today’s problems? Well, the open market, of course, i.e. our “citizen” Fortune 500 corporations sitting on non-invested funds well in excess of $2 trillion held internationally (denying U.S. revenue, productivity, stock dividends and jobs) will come to the rescue — while federal spending has a $1 (spend) to $4 (local funds generated) driver on economies within the U.S.

Yes, the federal budget does need trimming, but did you know Congress will have reduced recurring expenditures $3.4 trillion (2011-2013 pre-entitlement modification)? So what do the Republicans, these truly modern day economic savants say? No, no, no. And, by the way, the recovery is too slow and we’re losin’ jobs. Anything to obstruct recovery!

Dave Blake

This story was posted on February 21, 2013.