Roaming sheep

Dear Editor:

I am a concerned, animal loving, property owner in Unit 5 of Aspen Springs. My husband and I have been very patient with roaming sheep situation. I can honestly say I enjoy seeing the animals in the area. I do not, however, like the fact that they tend to take refuge in our yard as they look for shade and food that their owner obviously does not provide. He seems to think this whole area is his to do as he pleases.

When the sheep and lambs are crossing the road, I do not try to run them over.

I watch these poor sheep trying to find food on land that has been overgrazed for years. The grass in this area is so depleted from the sheep that it has not had a chance to grow back this year.

If you ask me, “The Shepard of Aspen Springs” is committing animal cruelty. A Shepard should keep watch over his flock at all times. Making sure they are not harmed by wild animals, stray dogs or over aggressive drivers as they go from property to property in search of food.

My husband and I raise chickens, pigs and an occasional steer. It is our responsibility to supply our animals with a safe place to live, plenty of fresh water, hay and feed. I do not let them roam the roads, neighbors’ property or the “Golf Course” expecting them to fend for themselves.

I do not like all the hatred and bitterness this has caused over the years. I seek a quiet and peaceful life out here in the country with my family. As for the Aspen Springs Metro District, I feel like they are working hard for the residents of Aspen Springs. I would like to thank each and every one of the board members that have served on the board over the years who have helped make this the place we love to live.

Jodie Gardner

This story was posted on April 24, 2014.

One Response to Roaming sheep

  1. Kathleen Sullivan

    April 25, 2014 at 10:53 am

    I whole heartedly agree with Ms. Gardner. Thank you for submitting such a non-emotional letter on what has been very tense and polarizing situation in Aspen Springs for too many years now. FYI the Archuleta District Court has issued a final judgement against the local shepard from being permitted to turn his sheep loose as it is against well established Colorado law. But the shepard persists and with the help of out of state lawyers and money from ill-informed people is continuing his abuse of the legal system and the land by dragging out the inevitable. The case is now in the appeals process. The sheep and Mr. Keno’s neighbors will be forced to suffer for the duration of that slow and lengthy process. It is very sad to watch a single person cause so much drama and expense for the entire Aspen Springs community.