Right track

Dear Editor:

To reinforce letters in the 7/11/13 SUN by Messers Buslepp and Lamprell, I offer for readership consideration the following insight into “the organization” in power now and “people’s rights.”

When Democrats and Republicans disagree about an issue, or when Republicans choose not to do what the Democrats want, typically the Democrats, who always think that only they are right, blame the Republicans for intransigence and obstructionism. It is interesting to learn what happens when Democrats are totally in charge with no Republicans to blame.

Illinois and Chicago are prime examples. Two previous Democratic governors, Ryan and Blagojevich, are in prison. Democratic representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. resigned because he is fighting being sent to jail. In Illinois, there are more people on welfare than there are people working. The state reports owing $83 billion to its five pension funds. However, both the Government Accounting Standards Board and Moody’s Investment Services reveal hundreds of billions more in state pension liabilities for pension and retirement debt, the worst in the country.

Reports of the Cook County (Chicago) sales tax rate vary from 8.0 percent to 10.25 percent (the highest in the country), depending on taxing jurisdictions. Reports of teacher salaries also are widely divergent varying from $45,000 to $71,236 (cited by the union). The school district is rated as one of the worst in the country, though some reports rate many schools as being “traditional.” School officials plan to close 54 schools this year (12 percent) and 61 next year because of budget restraints.

Last year, 506 people were murdered in Chicago (highest in the country). Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (D) claims a drop in the rate this year, but the police department admits it is not sustainable (some even predict an increase), this despite the fact that the city has one of the strictest gun laws in the country. Supporting evidence is the tragic shooting of 74 and killing of 12 in Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend. In an attempt at correction, on July 9, the democratic state general assembly overrode Governor Pat Quinn’s (D) veto when legislators enacted a right to carry concealed gun law, the last state to do so.

Who is accountable for this debacle? There are no Republicans to blame, so Democratic leaders point at each other to no avail. Of course, from this cultural milieu comes President Obama who is supposed to “fix” Washington politics. According to some pundits, Illinois will go broke before the U.S. does under similar “leadership.”

Colorado is closely pursuing the same track under democratic “leadership.” Adding the approval of marijuana, homosexual “marriage” (despite two popular rejections) and gun control, results in a blueprint for disaster.

It is imperative, therefore, that Colorado voters, at the next opportunity to vote, reverse this abysmal trend by removing from office those who are truly to blame and by replacing them with competent leaders who will put Colorado back on the right track to prevent the same plight from afflicting us.

Eugene Witkowski

This story was posted on July 18, 2013.