Right of way

Dear Editor:

I have just finished reading Mr. Adams’ Letter to the Editor, and find that he is good at misrepresenting facts.

The very crest of the hill is the alley. The alley runs behind Albert Lucero’s and just below the crest and breaks out directly on top of the hill.

This is best view of any place in town for a 360 degree view.

Further I would like to bring to the public’s attention the scarring that has occurred with previous blading of the hill further south, on 7th Street. From the planning commission’s building, you can see rough scars from blading of the hill. There are no provisions for erosion control or terracing.

I am highly disappointed in our planner for not being more forthright with the public. They need to be definitive as to where the river trails will be. The idea of having an access across U.S. 160 bridge/McCabe Creek is not a sound idea due to the spring flooding that occurs.

Further, a half-million dollar pedestrian (somewhere from 6th Street) bridge across the river is not a sound idea either. There is a bridge at the park/hot springs and Apache Street. How many bridges do we need?

A few years ago we were broke — do we have a lot of extra money to throw around now?

It’s time our citizens become involved in what is happening in our town.

Franklin Anderson

This story was posted on August 14, 2014.