Ridicule leaders

Dear Editor:

Amen to Mr. Stansbury. We live in the Unites States of America, the land of strong Christian values, love of family and God. Why would we want an intelligent President who uses war as a means of last resort instead of first? Silly words and sanctions.

Let’s instead send our children and grandchildren into Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria, the Middle East and every place else that needs our values, especially since it’s worked out so well in Iraq.

Let’s instead add billions more to our financial deficit so we can keep blaming all our country’s financial woes on those who just refuse to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, damn immigrants like the Israelites looking for a better way of life, damn lazy people like the blind man in Jericho, who aren’t old enough yet for Medicare, that only truly acceptable form of universal health care.

No, we just shouldn’t stand by and let Putin ridicule our American leaders … there are enough gentlemen in Pagosa Springs that can do that for us very well, thank you.

Debra Hepler

This story was posted on April 3, 2014.