Review: Cut off at the pass

“You and I are chosen for a purpose, we are healed for a purpose, we are called for a purpose and that purpose always involves other people.” — Billy Co

One thing is for sure, when you write a weekly column, you’re an open book to the world you live in. I would think if you are hiding a secret, cheating on your mate or treating your neighbor badly, it’ll come out some way. It can’t be helped. It’s a small town and a small world that we live in.

One of the reasons I feel like I can write what I do is that I try to check my motives, my heart, and I figure it’s just life. I pray the Holy Spirit will read these articles to you. God keeps me on a short tether. Before the sun goes down, if I’ve done anything I’m ashamed of or if there is someone I need to forgive or apologize for what I said or wrote, I can’t rest until I make it right. It’s that built-in Life of Christ in me. Believe me, the Lord wakes me in the night hour. I know when He’s talking. I know to listen.

There have been a few things I have written that I wished I hadn’t. But, I trust the readers have overlooked them. They probably aren’t as important or close to home as they were to me. Everyone reads from his or her own heart. Making Al look bad is probably my greatest fear. He’s the love of my life.

Something has been bothering me for the last couple of weeks. I wrote a movie review on Cowboys*Indians, which was a movie by Ian McCrudden and his Pagosa-based production company, Epiphany Pictures.

I took a different voice. I looked at the way it was executed; the editing, sound, lighting and story structure. I kept my feelings out of it. I was very generous toward the film. I still feel like it was done well for the budget he had to work with.

I understood it was R-rated, but I went. I was really excited about having McCrudden’s company here and the great opportunity he offered to Pagosa. I overlooked the rating. I touched lightly on the content of the story. I didn’t like the darkness of the human soul, the nudity and the language. It was dark, raunchy and sleazy. I don’t want Pagosa to be represented in that way.

I kept me out of the message. I didn’t say what I really wanted to say. I concentrated on the work only. The Lord cut me off at the pass on this review and He has been gnawing on me ever since. I might have misled my friends of Pagosa. I need to apologize. I couldn’t say it was acceptable to me because it wasn’t.

Mr. McCrudden, you do not know me. You could be a great asset to our town. You stepped out of a predictable box and took a chance on a different way of producing a movie. You were determined and had the fortitude to push it to completion. You were gracious to the people of Pagosa. We need people like you in our little town.

We are surrounded by all of this beautiful country, beautiful rivers and beautiful people. I heard you were coming here to make another picture about an avalanche. I hope you do.

I would like to make a couple of suggestions. This is a family town. There is something about the cleanness of the air, the principles parents are instilling in young people and the decency of our town people.

Maybe a good family movie doesn’t have enough teeth in it for you, but you could make some great movies here, like “A River Runs Through It” or “The Horse Whisper.” We have the location.

I hope you read this article. I want to cut you off at the pass now before you start another movie project. I’m only one voice, but I know if you come in with good, godly principles and make movies here, all of Pagosa will embrace you. We will gladly support you. I’ll sing your praise.

Final Brushstroke: I dug myself out of this avalanche, and I might be looking at another one coming. I’m looking forward to seeing movies made here if they aren’t R-rated. I don’t know about R-rated — does it sell more tickets?

Readers’ comments

Apparently no one cares about the neighbor’s phone number, but they still remember James Dean. I received this comment — Sweet Al’s made a new best friend.

“Betty, I graduated from an all boys private/catholic High School in Columbus, Ohio in 1956, so I know a lot about this. No girls, so cars were everything. My first car was a late ‘49 Merc Coupe. This is the exact model that was in the movie ‘Rebel without a Cause.’ I had it about a year before the movie and it was no big deal. After that movie there were five or six at our school, and considered cool, and still a very popular collector’s car. If your husband wants auto nostalgia, he should attend the ‘James Dean Days’, in Fairmont IN, Jimmy’s home town.” (One thing’s for sure, if Al goes, he’ll be wearing his James Dean jacket with all of his motor club pins.)

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This story was posted on February 5, 2014.