Dear Editor:

Hopefully, by the time this is printed, the federal government shutdown will be over. That will not reduce the responsibility that the Republican members of Congress including our Representative Scott Tipton will have in the economic and personal loss visited on all Americans by the government shut down.

The craziness is the complete hypocrisy that the Tea Party Republicans and their followers have in attacking the new health care law. All of the elected officials fighting the new health care law have government funded health care and a good salary that has not been cut off.

The biggest hypocrite is U.S. Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. His wife is a senior VP at Goldman Sachs, a big Wall Street law firm bailed out by the government during the economic crisis. Cruz is insured by his wife’s $40,000 per-year gold plated private health care plan.

To resolve this, every reader can do two things: call Representative Tipton’s DC office (202) 225-4761 and tell him to get to work and pass a clean budget and vote to raise the national debt to pay for programs already approved by Congress that comes up later this month. The other is become informed as to where the political parties stand so that next November 2014, we can vote for a representative that will truly represent the needs of the 3rd Congressional District.

Lastly, for those who are interested in Christianity and how it relates to modern life, please read Matthew 25:30ff concerning what Jesus said about the poor who need our help.

Ray Finney

This story was posted on October 3, 2013.