Dear Editor:

This is in response to the letters printed in The SUN, February 13, 2014.

I agree with Mister Warring. Aspen Springs is the greatest rural residential subdivision in our county to live in. I would keep it just the way it is; without a Home Owner’s Association in any of its ugly forms. We don’t need a minority telling us what we can and cannot do; what color to paint our house; how many cars can be in our driveways.

Miz Zaday’s response to my letter, “Budgeted Funds”, was lengthy and it doesn’t matter if it’s totally correct, or not, it is mostly “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve, but Didn’t”. Whether there used to be an official Property Owner’s Association, or something else that resembled that in a legal description, there wasn’t one when we bought our property in 2002.

The “gazebo” has none of the things she described. Planned for, or thought about, yes, but once again “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve, but Didn’t”. I was there when it officially opened. There weren’t restrooms then, there hasn’t been any since. Why? I don’t know, but the District has been able to spend nearly $15,000.00 (maybe more now) — money donated, but never reported on the budget — to bring a lawsuit against a landowner? This was the reason for the title of my original letter, “Budgeted Funds”, and not explained at all by Miz Zaday’s response.

The landowner in question is a shepherd. He would let his sheep free graze on “the green belt”, or “golf course”. It’s not relevant how the District came about getting it. They have it, and it lays — except for the “gazebo” and disc golf course — fallow. It is true they did wander onto other landowner’s property, doing damage. His neighbors had and still have a legal remedy, to personally take the shepherd to court and get a judgment to repair, or replace, what was damaged. This is not what happened. An extreme minority within the District, through the board, took him to court and gained an injunction against the practice. The shepherd has since been found guilty of “contempt” because despite everything, the sheep do wander onto “the green belt”, which, by the way, abuts his back porch. There is much more to this than I have room for in this letter.

Miz Zaday, you probably related the history accurately, but like a politician, you strategically left out, or twisted, some key details. Yes, I am an author of fictional novels, but life is often stranger than fiction. It is an accurate reporting of what I see happening right now in Aspen Springs.

Doug Roberts

This story was posted on February 20, 2014.