Response to editorial

Dear Editor:

Regarding your recent “We welcome you” editorial: sorry, but it is more complicated than you make it sound. Regretfully, there are some states that have not done what needs to be done to control COVID-19, and in those states, cases are now growing exponentially. We do not need visitors from those states bringing their virus to Pagosa Country, unless they are willing to self-quarantine for 2 weeks, like the two examples you mentioned in the editorial. With that, I have no problem, but you and I know, from driving through Pagosa on any given day, that most out of state visitors are not doing that. And in some states, COVID-19 cases are, as of June 20, spiking out of control. We should not be welcoming visitors from those states at the present time. I say that based on the numbers from Johns Hopkins University, not out of dislike for any particular states.

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This story was posted on June 25, 2020.