Resounding ‘no’

Dear Editor:

The vote on the proposed Town Recreation Center should be resounding “no.” If anyone is in doubt about this, please read and re-read Glenn Walsh’s letter in the March 6 issue of the “SUN.”

Just looking at the numbers indicates that going ahead with this project would lead to economic disaster. The CDC’s studies are plainly one-sided, and do not consider the full picture.

As stated previously, Pagosa Springs is in an area where outdoor activities abound. There is no need for this project. As for tourists, why do they come here? Not to go into a large building, but to ski, hunt, hike, camp, and enjoy the outdoor recreation.

Again, please re-read the letter from Glenn Walsh — also the letter from Ronnie Maez.

We have owned property in Aspen Springs since 1972.

Clive Lamprell

This story was posted on March 13, 2014.

One Response to Resounding ‘no’

  1. peter farkas

    March 14, 2014 at 4:06 pm

    Its bad enough young people stay indoors these days why encourage it with a Rec Center in a town like Pagosa. Would money not be better spent to clean up the town from all the abandoned junk in people homes and along hwy 160 and hwy 84. It seem the town cant find an identify and what to do with itself with ideas like a ski slope downtown and money for Rec Centers when so much along our roads are an eye sore.
    Last I saw Hot Springs has a wonderful pool and support the local business and not a chemically filled Rec Center pool.
    Rec Center :-) Really.