Dear Editor:

It dawned on me recently why there is so much resistance from about a 30% minority of citizens in Archuleta County regarding the constitution, personal freedom, rights and liberty. The founding generation ran into the same exact phenomenon with about 30% of their population, too, when freedom and liberty were at risk. It is like a slowly progressive acceptance of a strait jacket … oppression or control, and one that encompasses the “spirit” of a human being. This phenomenon can be likened to the “Stockholm Syndrome” and has been demonstrated countless times across the world. I won’t go into the details of this phenomenon, but the elements can be demonstrated in all those who have been “captured” by some force they feel is greater than themselves, and they psychologically become accustomed to and actually will fight to retain their chains

What seems to happen is that some people are quite easily “institutionalized.” The Stockholm Syndrome (which is like an instant “institutionalization) does NOT happen to all people in “captive” situations, but a small minority. We might have to coin a new term for the “gradual” institutionalization of not just a few people here and there who have been subjected to life-threatening imprisonment trauma … but perhaps a third of the American population … maybe something like “Stay Home” syndrome where the captors infiltrate people’s lives, and get them to give up their very minds … so that they fear losing their “matrix” bubble of life as they have always been fed it and practiced it, and fear suddenly being “free” and having to actually function in a larger capacity of freedom and choice. It is so easy and so comfortable to be ruled in a bubble … a cage created for all of us as individuals. A system that pacifies us … calms us … reassures us that “all is right,” all the while, we are being more and more enslaved by that very “reassurance.” It is a normal, natural process for those drifting down a stream that has taken them from “constant vigilance,” to one that seems ok, but is completely contrary to what our human potential is to move toward.

It simply seems that some like being babysat … cared for, told what to do, how to think, how to act, and where to pay for all that “free” privilege and protection. I guess there will always be that percentage of people who float through life instead of achieve their potential and actually making a difference in the world. Thank God for those who stand up and are willing to give their lives for those who are floaters.

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on February 6, 2014.