Reputable model

Dear Editor:

The community as always is indebted to the League of Women Voters for the candidate forums it hosts during election cycles. At the forum held April 29 for the Water and Sanitation District election, Mary Beth McAuley, voter services chair for the league, noted that two of the five PAWS candidates had declined to attend. The decorum and fairness demanded in a league-sponsored public forum is indeed a potentially uncomfortable venue in which to sustain a campaign mounted on half-truths and character assassination.

During the evening, the matter of District debt was brought up as the two missing candidates had made much of the district’s debt load as if there has been new debt. Allan Bunch and myself had noted the facts surrounding the district’s debt load in the 2010 election. Only what those candidates failed to mention was that in the four years since Bunch and I were elected, we did not allow any new debt to be taken on by the district, and in fact the district’s debt-to-tap ratio had declined 7 percent, and that is before the $2,183,263 reduction planned for this year, which includes $925,000 in accelerated debt retirement. Because of other efforts begun in 2010, there are high prospects of even greater debt reduction taking place soon, with resulting relief to water rate payers. This was real action and promises kept that did not deserve to be trampled upon in a feverish quest for office.

In contrast to the PAWS election, I commend the campaigns being mounted by Bob Lynch and Ken Fox as candidates for a seat on the LPEA Board. Theirs is a model of a reputable and positive manner in which to vie for a seat relying solely the strength of the candidates’ personal and business credentials.

Roy Vega

This story was posted on May 8, 2014.