Republican Party

Dear Editor:

Why I, want to, but just can’t seem to sign up for the Republican Party.

Let’s count the ways … first, The Republicans recently initiated a national push to recruit women … dagnabit darn Democrats are gett’n too many. Almost immediately in the Christian Post, Phyllis Schlafly — the founder of the Eagle Forum — maintained that “increasing the pay gap will help women find suitable husbands.”

Second there’s Mitt’s response to a voter’s question … “of course, corporations are citizens.” Never mind his 47 percent citizen write off, I guess poor Mitt forgot about all those “poor” southern red states.

Third, the United Nations (read scientists from all major countries) recent report confirming global warming vs. the latest cutest Republican oft heard response is “I’m not green … I’m red, white & blue.”

Fourth, I compare past presidents from both parties and see that Clinton and Carter are providing peace keeping and care globally. While Reagan ranched, the Bush’s … well one’s hoping for public redemption and the other has taken up painting.

Lastly, Congressman Paul Ryan sequesters himself for days, after a few lighting bolts he emerges from the mount and shows the tablets that guarantee a “balanced budget.” And how did he do that, well he cut all welfare programs, wants to charge senior citizens more for Medicare and … wait for it … gives tax credits to the wealthy. Wala, no reduction in the $17 trillion (wait a few years for the wealthy to reinvest) but a “balanced budget.”

Not to be deterred, I sought guidance from our local tea party/Republican party and found that it’s heavily influenced by folks frothing at the mouth to hate, demean and defile President Obama. Did you ever notice that the folks who holler the loudest for small government get the most government aid? Well there’s always next year … maybe Jeb will run?

Dave Blake

This story was posted on April 24, 2014.