Dear Editor:

Ms.  Bubb and people who believe as she does are the very reason our Founding Fathers created a republican form of government. The form of government to which I “fondly” refer is a Constitutional Republic (the foundation of our Constitution) and not a democratic republic, as that is a contradiction of terms.

Those who believe in absolute majority rule are how the minority are stripped of their rights. Ms. Bubb’s problem goes way beyond a civics lesson: her total ignorance of our republican form of government cannot be corrected with a simple lesson. To advocate for mob control and the revocation of the rights of the minority shows how little she knows or cares about the rights Americans are afforded under their Constitution.

Ms. Bubb is correct when she says I am afraid. I fear the mob rule and trampling of the rights of the minority advocated by Ms. Bubb and commissioner Whiting.  As to the reference to “power” — what the heck does that mean? I fear Ms. Bubb and commissioner Whiting are watching too much TV. Exactly what is the power to which you refer? The power to which I think Ms. Bubb and commissioner Whiting refer to is, in fact, responsibility. Responsibility to represent the interests of all the citizens, not just the vocal ones.

Commissioner Whiting was elected by the people, and paid by those same people, to make the decisions he now wants them to make. Mr. Whiting should either step up or consider returning the money.

The only “absolute power” that can exist is with mobs (advocated by Bubb and Whiting) and dictatorships. A republican form of government is the safeguard from absolute power. The power that is feared lost is that of the mob whose members believe that, when they have the majority, those in the minority become their inferiors. Ms. Bubb would like me to represent the majority as long as she agrees with the majority, but not when she doesn’t (Wal-Mart). I invoke again the wisdom of a Founding Father: “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” — Thomas Jefferson

Darrell Cotton

This story was posted on April 11, 2013.