Dear Editor:

Yes, I’m guilty. If you’re conservative, you’re reprobate. If you’re conservative, you are to be dispatched. You’re to be lampooned, impugned, laughed at, made fun of, on purpose and by design. If you are conservative, you are hated and despised by the liberal political establishment. And that, of course, steers the tastemakers in the pop culture, which conveys that image in every medium, be it Internet, games, movies, music, books, what have you.

Now, I don’t want to be misunderstood. I’m not complaining that this is happening in politics. That’s like complaining about competition in capitalism. You can’t. If you love capitalism, you’ve got to love the competition, jist as long as it’s truthful and honest. You’ve got to understand that the name of the game is to go for broke. Political competition is the same way.

My point is that something is happening now that has never happened, at least in my lifetime. I have never seen such a wide-open, admitted-to axis between a political party and a so-called news media that exists for one reason: to eliminate, to wipe out and to pulverize everything I believe in. That’s never happened. Obama’s objective is to eliminate any political opposition, just wipe us off the map, and now the media is openly telling him they will help.

It’s stunning. The Republican Party, and whatever conservative wing it has, is sitting by and watching what they believe in be targeted for elimination. Not only is there not any opposition to it, there appears to be genuine fear of speaking out. The Republicans (but not all) are scared to death. They’re afraid that Obummer is going to come for them one way or the other.

I’ve never been alive where there is a genuine visceral fear of action by the American government against individuals. We know that various presidents have targeted Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, have demonized capitalism, and that was bad enough. But now there are individuals who are actually frightened that this president will come after them, in the United States of America. And everybody’s atwitter because Marco Rubio sipped water in between sentences.

In Obama’s view, the Republicans are to blame for everything that’s wrong in this country. To Obama and the left, the Taliban is not the enemy; Republicans are the enemy. Conservatives are the enemy. Obama would never accuse the Taliban of being hostage takers, he would never accuse Ahmadinejad of pointing a gun at the head of the American people, but he has no problem accusing Republicans of it. Obama believes his real enemies are: you.

You can’t compromise with this. There is no common ground. There is no point in negotiating with this. We must have the same goal toward them in the political realm that they have toward us. The only thing I know to do is to defeat them in Nov. 2014; throw all the liberals out! Maybe America will wake up by then?

Jim Sawicki

This story was posted on March 14, 2013.