Red herring

Dear Editor:

 Lately, it frustrates me greatly that so many people (voters) are unable to grasp the Big Picture, and, instead, dwell upon the relatively trivial items in the overall political and strategic situation of our country’s position in the world.

 For example, we fall for invented worries about food stamps, “The War on Women,” spearheaded by Miss Sandra Fluke, a keynote speaker at the Democrat Convention, whose apparent promiscuity was costing her so much that she needed taxpayer assistance to pay for her contraceptives. (One would have thought that she was Joan of Arc.) And, of course, the Republicans’ love of dirty water and air, global warming and the evil Bain Capital (into which 12 states have placed their pension funds, along with 10 universities, including M.I.T., Cornell and Notre Dame, to the tune at least $424.6 million dollars). California State Teachers’ Retirement System spokesman Ricardo Duran wrote in the Aug. 12, Boston Globe, that they have pumped some $1.25 billion into Bain. (Do your own research.)

 All of these are simply red herrings to keep the voters from seeing the larger problems we face.

 I recently saw the movie “2016: Obama’s America.” It contained a ton of information. (I had the irrational urge to “pause” it, turn on the theater lights and take notes.) In a nutshell, here’s my summary of it:

 Obama (the one occupying the White House) has a huge “Anti-Colonial” chip on his shoulder, passed to him by his father and nurtured by his mother, after his father abandoned them, and other named socialists and communists, at whose knees he was instructed.

 He sees the white, European cultures who colonized Africa, Indonesia, India and other third world countries, as having stolen their natural resources and used them to increase their own wealth and technologies. Obama (the younger), therefore, intends to strip the wealthy in this country, give it back to the poor, from whom the wealthy stole it from in the first place, and further strip the wealth from the U.S., who he sees as guilty by association. The movie presents statistics on how he has progressed in that area. He intends to reduce the U.S. to a status equal to that of a third world country. The movie goes on to forecast that, by 2016, the U.S. national debt, under Obama, will reach 20 trillion dollars, at which point we will topple over the edge into economic oblivion. His mission, accomplished.

 At that point, none of those phony, trivial things will have any importance or meaning for you at the grocery store: There will be nothing on the shelves, and you won’t have anything to buy it with, even if there was.

 Additionally, take a look at a world map. Note the size of the region going up in flames in the Middle East. Obama’s reaction to it is Carteresque.

Duane Branson

This story was posted on September 26, 2012.