Red Cross

Dear Editor:

The American Red Cross has designated September as Emergency Preparedness Month and parts of Colorado have certainly reminded all of us of the necessity to have an emergency plan for our families and communities. Recently, I was privileged to be visited by a Red Cross representative and during our brief visit, I was able to show her around Pagosa. In addition to contributions. facilities are extremely important to disaster relief efforts. She was very impressed with our available facilities and services, if needed. Our medical services, along with the hospital facility itself, offer means for mass trauma triage and treatment. The very “roomy” community center with its large restrooms, including showers, has the ability to provide shelter to hundreds. And, of course, our population of “service-minded” folks is a great asset to any situation. By the way, does your family have an emergency plan? Food, water, warmth? Better think about it.

As we count our blessings, we need to continue to contribute to the Red Cross so their services can meet the needs of those in distressed areas. Did you know that, while the Red Cross was chartered by the U.S. Congress 100 years ago, it is 100 percent non-profit, receives no funds from the government at all.

Patty Tillerson

This story was posted on September 26, 2013.