Dear Editor:

As many people are aware, there is an effort underway to recall Rep. McLachlan, who is our 59th Colorado House district representative. This initiative is in response to his failure to defend the basic Constitutional and God-given rights of his constituents, particularly concerning self defense and the Second Amendment.

Rep. McLachlan campaigned as a defender of the Second Amendment. But, once elected, instead of defending the right of the citizens he represents as promised, he has sponsored and supported legislation to deprive those citizens of the very rights he voted to defend. By voting “yes” on multiple gun control measurers in both the judiciary committee and the general body of the Colorado House of Representatives, he has refused to carry out the desires of the majority of the people he was elected to represent.

His failure to vote in accordance with the values of the people of his district forces us to take the only available means to defend our liberties, which is to petition for his recall from office, and a special election to replace him. The recall petition has been drafted and approved by the Colorado Secretary of State, and is now available for signature locally by all registered voters. Please see the ad in this copy of The SUN giving details of how you can protect your liberty by signing the recall petition.

Please note that the gun control measures now being considered and passed by the Colorado Legislature are purely cosmetic and will not decrease violence, but are very serious infringements of our rights, freedom and privacy.

Don MacNamee

This story was posted on March 28, 2013.