Rec center

Dear Editor:

As a lifelong resident of Pagosa, I am thrilled with the possibility of our town having an affordable rec center in the heart of downtown. Does our rec center need to be as big as Durango’s? No, it doesn’t; our rec center needs to fit Pagosa. Can it still be a nice and very positive addition to our community? Absolutely! What a great option it would be for a family to be able to spend the day swimming, or working out knowing it was going to be affordable. Think how nice will it be for the youth to have a rec center that they can walk to and afford. Durango has a scholarship exemption program for those who qualify — Pagosa could, too. Imagine having a place where families can have swim parties no matter the season that isn’t an hour away. Or, what about the people who will be able to walk a mile or two during the winter if there’s an indoor track?

Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the other downtown establishments; however, their prices add up if you have a group. I just think that having an affordable facility for all residents and visitors, larger or smaller families, young or old, low-income or affluent, will be a wonderful addition to our town.

Robin Curvey

This story was posted on August 22, 2013.