Rec Center debt

I have to laugh at all of the people who think debt is money. Everyone involved with the Rec Center are willing to create a debt obligation that won’t be paid off, if all goes well, until their children are 30-40 years old, just in time to create more debt to fix the Old Rec Center, a few of their parents wanted.

It was never OK for the government to pick the pockets of many people to enrich a few, but that is exactly what happens every time government bonds are issued. An $18 million debt creates $27 million profit for someone else, just ask Mark Weiler to clarify that for you, better yet, ask the Chinese why they are so willing to buy up U.S. government debt.

The people of Pagosa Springs or the fortunate tourists, who find this little slice of paradise, will not be the ones profiting from this venture. This project is not self-funding as it is falsely being presented to do. What will the annual operating cost be? What is the plan for covering that cost? How was the Community Center built? How long did it take those folks to make that happen and how much debt did it take? I do not remember a ballot issue to create debt being put before the fine folks of Pagosa, yet look at that awesome facility sitting in what used to be a vacant lot by the river. A few people want something and they want everyone else to pay for it. Almost all of the proponents of this project left some city to be here, now you don’t like it here because they miss what is there. Pagosa Springs will never be Aspen or Vail or Telluride. Look what happened to all of those places, is that what you really want Pagosa to become?

This smells like a con game to me, not a community sponsored project.

Please use your head, vote No.

Greg Giehl

This story was posted on March 20, 2014.