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Dear Editor:

Last week the Recreation Center ballot measure (limited to town voters) was defeated by a large margin. Yes we are disappointed, but not deterred. The Recreation Center committee and the dedicated supporters that rallied with them are passionate about this topic.

All county residents that are in support of a Recreation Center please contact your new council members and county commissioners and make it known you want a chance to vote on this very important amenity in the future for our youth, families, individuals, retirees and visitors. Let them know that a Recreation Center is healthy growth and for them to take a look at the overwhelming evidence from the many communities all around us that this is a viable and doable plan. A revenue bond is the best way for everyone to pay for Recreation Center including our visitors.

Email all your elected officials and ask questions. Try to understand Clifford’s adamant opposition for something that would be affordable for his neighbors and a huge benefit to his family members who are into sports and recreational activities. Ask them all why they don’t think a 1 percent sales tax, that would benefit a large portion of their constituents, isn’t a good idea? Or if not now, when since interest rates are at historical lows — then when? Ask them if the Towns to Lakes Trail they all talk about will be done soon and how many people might use it compared to a recreation center. Ask why the river walk path can’t continue on the easement in front of the Springs Resort using the current bridge instead of raising money for yet another walking bridge? Ask them why Pagosa can’t have the same economic benefits that other towns do that have recreation centers? Ask about roads and sidewalks — shouldn’t they be paid for by property taxes and not sales tax.

My point is don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The Recreation Center proposal did not take from the Town budget and surely didn’t take from the County budget. Remember the information presented by the “Fair Taxes for Pagosa Committee” was filled with misinformation and scare tactics creating polarization. The Recreation Center budget, like all budgets for future projects, was based on projections researched by a reputable consulting company and other professional individuals involved with recreation centers around Colorado.

I think the county commissioners should send out a survey to their constituents and see what type of support there is for a Recreation Center in the county. Remember all mountain towns have many outdoor activities, but provide a balance to the elements with an indoor facility. It isn’t an either or — it is just when. Providing this amenity for families and retirees will attract more folks to move here, which in turns keeps our town vibrant and our economy growing.

Thanks for all the support in making the campaign on the yes side honest, forthright and filled with facts and reliable projections.

Christine Funk

This story was posted on April 17, 2014.

One Response to Rec Center

  1. ajpagosa

    April 23, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    “Thanks for all the support in making the campaign on the yes side honest, forthright and filled with facts and reliable projections.”

    You have got to be kidding, right? Proponents ran one of the sleaziest and most dishonest, underhanded, manipulative campaigns I have ever seen. All to steal up to $45M from their county neighbors without their consent. It would have put the entire county deeply into debt for a generation, and strained the town budget by running an $800k/yr operating deficit. This latter number is from their very own “reputable” consultants and the bond pushers.

    I would like to thank the voters of Pagosa Springs for having the wisdom and courage to see through all that nonsense and vote down this atrocity. I really hope we don’t have to go through it again but I realize we are dealing with fanatics. Regardless, opponents like myself and many others will still be here blowing holes in their fantasy cost projections, exposing their deplorable tactics, and their faulty financials.

    One other thing to consider, there is an informal poll here in this week’s on line paper, currently by a margin of 89% to 11% people favor economic development or fixing streets and sidewalks over rec amenities as priorities for the new town council. I implore the more reasonable faction of the rec center supporters (f one exists) to please take that and their recent crushing defeat under advisement, recognize when they have lost massively, and stop pushing for something a very large majority of your fellow town residents simply do not want.

    And please stop wasting all of our time.