Reasons for Lynch

Dear Editor:

I highly recommend and support Bob Lynch for the LPEA board of Directors. Southwest Colorado Archuleta and La Plata counties are changing rapidly. Archuleta County is in the process of some very interesting, positive and job creating changes.

LPEA needs strong and active leadership so that Archuleta County receives state-of-the-art services.

Bob Lynch is an independent thinker, has a business consulting background as well as five generations of Archuleta County ranching. Bob and his wife Livia now manage the family ranch north of town on Piedra Road.

Bob can analyze the facts, solve problems creatively, he is committed to work with all board members striving to solve problems and reach a consensus. As a rancher and business consultant Bob is a fiscal conservative who can see the value of all options needed to generate and deliver affordable electricity to LPEA customers in Archuleta County.

Many people do not know that our major source of power comes from a single large coal fired power plant near Hayden in Northwest Colorado. Locally our power comes from near Durango via two large power lines running generally parallel to U.S. 160. Several years ago the bigger of the two lines was down for almost a day and many locals lost all power.

Bob Lynch is well aware of the problems this could bring. He supports the several initiatives that are currently underway such a Pagosa Verde geothermal, the biomass generation plant by the airport and increased use of solar photovoltaic where appropriate to insure that more of our power is generated locally.

For these reasons I support Bob Lynch for the LPEA board.

Ray Finney

This story was posted on May 1, 2014.