Rational cliff

Dear Editor:

Reading last week’s SUN, I was caught by a few items. I always start at the back of the PREVIEW and thumb forward to find Motter’s history column. Last week, and this week, he discusses the strange but common happenings with area politicians in our history. I remember another reference in his book when the people became angry and chased the office holders into the woods where they stayed for several days. Our local politicians are an interesting group!

Then I read Karl’s editorial and the article about petitions and counter petitions concerning Reservoir Hill. What a mess! It makes me almost wish I had never forwarded the idea of improving the hill in the first place. “Almost,” because the original ideas, now being improved by The Friends of Reservoir Hill, are so darned positive and important.

This counter petition is not in the interests of the people, it is in the interests of the politicians and their need to consolidate power and the future career interests of the town manager. The people do not vote for politicians to make decisions as much as to do the right thing. In this case, the people have been trying to tell the politicians about their decision about an ugly amusement park on Reservoir Hill and the politicians are not listening. An old saying is, “When the people lead, sooner or later, the leaders will follow.” The Friends are a red, white and blue example of this.

It is sad when leaders get so polarized they can’t see the forest for the trees. So much time, money and energy has been lost over this project already while nothing is being done on the ground to improve things. The sledding and snowboarding hills they started with great enthusiasm and fanfare are now unfinished, unsafe, crude and forgotten. Nothing matters now but winning! It should be obvious to everyone the politicians are about to drive Pagosa Springs over the rational cliff.

Norm Vanc

This story was posted on January 3, 2013.