Dear Editor:

Imagine you hired someone to take care of your house, property and finances. You agreed to a wage, and duties to be performed. It begins OK, but then you come to find that this employee begins to make changes to your property, assumes more duties outside of his hired agreement, and takes more of your money. You address this with him, and he agrees with you, and yet he ignores you completely, and continues to change your property, assumes yet more authority, and actually charges you even more for doing it. How would you act? Would you have fired him at the first sign of trouble, or would you simply believe you don’t have any choice but to comply with this new agreement because you “need” him?

Well, America is in this exact position, and most people don’t seem to care, or have become used to these chains. It covers most all government “services” these days, and we’ve gradually accepted it all, to our own detriment. For example, we have one of the greatest rackets taking place every day across this land by our hired “servants.” No, I’m not referring to the IRS. I’m referring to the multibillion dollar racket of traffic stops, court costs and other hoops they have us all jumping through without constitutional authority.

What began as “to protect and defend” We the people who hired them, is now squeezing us for more money, harassing, and otherwise domestically terrorizing Americans every day of the year. They have militarized their positions, purchased hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo, have assault rifles (yes, Pagosa, too, has/had one). Why? What do we, as Americans (the creators of this “servant” system), do? We comply, we pay more and more, over and over again, and we allow this “servant” to oppress us regularly. Does this make sense?

If someone we’ve hired fails to comply with the “contract” they swore an oath of service to, and they completely disregard those who hired them, and steal our money and authority, what does the law tell us to do? Not the 60 million statutory “laws” created by our “servant” to control and manipulate us, but the original law, the Constitution and common law. What does that say? Read the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, and you’ll understand.

We simply do not have to comply with illegal or unconstitutional laws, nor are we held to any contract they created without our consent, or without fully informing us of what it involves. In short, we non-comply and “withdraw our consent,” and simply stand for the true laws of the land in all areas of our lives. If we do that … if we all stood together, and simply defended our rights and the original law, we win and we “fundamentally” change our republic back to what our founding generation intended, but which we have squandered. Is anyone interested in that? Then help us do just that!

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on October 31, 2013.