Dear Editor:

The basic needs for a stable, growing, rights based democratic system are involved citizens, honest representatives, proper balance of free but excess regulated markets and just laws. Question … does America any longer possess the desire for these self-evident qualities?

But you say … everyone has a right to think differently so there is value to the Republican Parties obstructive immobilizing criticism … to a degree … but consistent pessimism is reflective of a mindset that prioritizes power and coercion. What do you mean by that … well, let’s just look at the conservative Supreme court’s decisions to give corporations the same status as you a living citizen and to say that money $$$ is free speech. Lobbying today controls more congressional members than their constituents; and many congressional districts are gerrymandered to the point of no competition. Isn’t that power to monied interests … a path to national control?

Those two constitutional law “making” decisions combined with income inequality, fear of racial/cultural diversity, extremist political ideology vs national need, Baby Boomers saying “I got mine screw everyone else,” the growth in global competition and mankind determined to mess up the planet have set the stage for our potential dramatic national failure and/or revolution.

America was/is like a great star. When a large star’s fuel is exhausted, it implodes becoming a black hole. The question is do we the human citizens of the U.S. have the desire to level the playing field by throwing the “money lenders out of the temple” and returning to a citizen based Democracy?

Dave Blake

This story was posted on March 20, 2014.