Dear Editor:

The latest really important scientific development found evidence that indicates the entire cosmos (including you and me) are all connected by a gaseous web of filaments. Let’s presume that’s true, then what does Spike Jonz’s new film about a guy following in love with his smart phones feminine voice system have to do with Pussy Riot’s political protest in Russia or the hospital’s ER technical capability to keep humans alive beyond their bodies ability … does it just mean mankind is a tragic miss-step in evolution or has the world finally come alive socially & politically but is spasmodically sputtering in different directions?

Well maybe because how else does one understand the Tea Party’s fuss about the Affordable Care Act (Obama care) expense … when they’re standing in line or cueing at the bar to buy booze? Interesting fact: alcohol abuse costs the economy more than $220 billion annually — that’s $1.90 tab for taxpayers on every serving of booze in the United States. To put this expense in perspective, the federal government only spends about $138 billion on all education. Wouldn’t ya think the ole brain-trust at the Tea Party would actually examine our Federal budget, think through the issues and then support something rational for the nation?

2050 is a big year. If we don’t dramatically reexamine and revise the way we live, it’s the definite, indisputable, no-going-back year for earth. Priorities, priorities … so do we as a nation decide that our country, ecosystem and selves are worth the collective effort to save … or not?

Dave Blake

This story was posted on January 30, 2014.