Premiere of cult classic ‘Office Space: The Musical’ at PSCA

By Tim Moore
Special to The PREVIEW

They sit in cubicles on stage and ponder printer errors like “PC Load Letter.”

They try to survive a case of the Mondays.

Oh, and they break into song, too.

“The Accounting Division of Dynacorp International presents Office Space: The Musical,” created by Christopher Willard, Jamie Bruss and Donna Debreceni and directed by Laura Moore (with music by Debreceni), serves up staplers, coffee mugs, flair and a whole lot of tongue-in-cheek musical fun from the Mike Judge cult-classic “Office Space.”

The annual talent show put on by the second-floor number crunchers at Dynacorp starts out as a sly musical parody of the cult movie “Office Space.” But, as the evening progresses, the accountants soon find their own lives taking center stage.

It’s a musical evening of cubicle crushes, terrible TPS reports and a mythical quest for the elusive red Swingline stapler.

The cast includes Tim Moore (Peter), Jarrett Heber (Michael), Elizabeth Howey (Joanna), Sharina Ramsey (Nina), Jodi Kurz (Anne), Brooks Lindner (Lawrence), Mike Moran (Milton) and Dave Armbrecht (Lumberg).

Thingamajig Theatre Company presents “Office Space: The Musical” Jan.11-27.

This show contains adult content and is recommended for mature audiences.

Tickets are on sale now by visiting or calling 731-SHOW.

This story was posted on December 27, 2012.