Preloaded Nook e-readers available free at the library

Great news for patrons who want to join the high-tech world of e-readers but aren’t keen to handle the downloading of books on your own. Thanks to Tiffany Clendenin and Cody Yantis, your library now has four Nooks preloaded with adult books — two with bestseller fiction and two with bestseller nonfiction — for you to borrow for free. And Kristine MacNeill promises one Nook with stories for youth in the very near future.

Each Nook carries 25 books, and they will be changed every two or three months, depending on demand and usage. You will not be able to download anything to the Nooks. Just enjoy the books already there.

Caveat: The Nooks will be available for the normal three-week period, and we will not allow renewals at least until we see how popular they are.

The Nooks will circulate in a velco bag that will have the e-reader, cables and quick-start instructions to make the process of using them as simple as possible, even for those of you who have never used an e-reader.

This is an easy and pleasant way for you to get started enjoying the world of e-readers if this technology is new to you.

Free high-tech training

Our free high-tech learning sessions continue. An informal session with Cody is set for (today) Thursday, Nov. 29, from 3–5 p.m. We also have one last formal training session this month that requires advance registration for space reasons: Tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 30) from 10 a.m.-noon you can learn how to download and organize digital photos from your camera.

Large print

“Medicine Road” by Will Henry contains two western stories. “Wild Texas Rose” by Jodi Thomas is a romance about a beautiful 25-year-old rancher. “Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a Murder” by Catriona McPherson is a mystery about the disappearance of an heiress. “Dogs of the Captain” by Max Brand is a western about a young man determined to clear his father’s name. “The Secret Keeper” by Kate Morton is a murder mystery that challenges everything the heroine knows about her mother. “You Don’t Want to Know” by Lisa Jackson is a romantic suspense story about a mother trying to determine if her missing son is dead or alive. “Looking for Yesterday” by Marcia Muller is the latest in the Sharon McCone mystery series. “The Perfect Hope” by Nora Roberts is Book 3 in the Inn BoonBoro romance trilogy. “The Risk Agent” by Ridley Pearson is a mystery set in Shanghai.

Holiday novels

“A Winter Wonderland” offers four Christmas short stories by Fern Michaels, Holly Chamberlin, Leslie Meier and Kristina McMorris. “Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse” by Peggy Webb is a Southern Cousins mystery. “The Twelve Clues of Christmas” by Rhys Bowen is the latest in the Royal Spyness mysteries set in England.

Books on CD

“Sweet Tooth” by Ian McEwan is a thriller about an MI5 recruit infiltrating the literary circle of promising young novelists.

Mysteries and thrillers

“The Marseille Caper” by Peter Mayle is the latest in this mystery series for wine lovers. “The Cassandra Project” is a thriller by two science fiction masters, Jack McDevitt and Mike Resnick, about a secret related to the Apollo XI mission. “The Prodigal Son” by Colleen McCollough is a thriller featuring Carmine Delmonico about a legal toxin extracted from the blowfish. “The Cold Cold Ground” is book one in a new Troubles crime trilogy by Adrian McKinty, set in Northern Ireland.

Other fiction

“A Change in Fortune” by Denver author Jen Turano is about a woman trying to regain her stolen fortune. “The Sins of the Mother” by Danielle Steel follows a family whose wealthy and successful mother is always trying to make up for missing much of their childhood lives. “Poseidon’s Arrow” by Clive and Dirk Cussleris the latest in the Dirk Pitt adventure series. “Flight Behavior” by Barbara Kingsolver is a novel that takes on one of the most contentious subjects of our time: climate change. “Captain Vorpotril’s Alliance” by Lois McMaster Bujold is the latest in the Vorkosigan Saga science fiction series. “An Irish Country Wedding” by Patrick Taylor features a G.P. in a colorful Ulster village. “The Perfect Hope” by Nora Roberts is Book 3 in the Inn BoonBoro romance trilogy.


“The Finish: The Killing of Osama Bin Laden” by Mark Bowden is an insider account of the hunt for bin Laden by the author of “Black Hawk Down.” “Custer” by Pulitzer Prize winner Larry McMurtry is a lavishly illustrated biography of Gen. George Armstrong Custer. “Better Than Fiction,” edited by Don George, features popular novelists like Isabel Allende, Alexander McCall Smith and Joyce Carol Oates writing about their favorite travel adventures. “Hello Gorgeous: Becoming Barbra Streisand” by William J. Mann is a biography chronicling how Streisand and her team transformed her from an unknown dreamer into a worldwide superstar.

Thanks to our donors

For books and materials this week, we thank our many donors, all of whom wanted to remain anonymous.

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This story was posted on November 29, 2012.