Dear Editor:

The screamers are out in force again, this time training their high-decibel guns on Mike McLachlan.

His cardinal sin? Having dared to suggest that a moderate, pragmatic approach to our gun carnage is remotely possible; that, God forbid, owning a Sherman tank and a battery of ballistic missiles is perhaps not absolutely protected by the 2nd Amendment; and that modest measures of gun safety are not an infringement on our constitutional rights.

The insurrectionist defenders of our sacred right to rise in arms against our own democratically-elected government are egged on and bankrolled by the NRA, a notorious front for gun manufacturers and munitions merchants. As a veteran and lifelong gun owner, I see the current campaign to vilify a fellow veteran, Mike McLachlan, as one more chapter in a saga of deception and misrepresentation. Let reason and moderation prevail. Let us go back to the urgent business at hand. This is, after all, why we sent a pragmatic, moderate, gun-owning veteran to Denver.

Tom Givon


This story was posted on March 14, 2013.