Dear Editor:

Think about the power of electricity and how much we depend on it — our homes, businesses, entertainment, manufacturing, etc. All depend on electricity.

Having spent thirty years, working for one of the largest electric utilities in the nation, and a number of years consulting, I only say this to let you know that I have had time to study and contemplate the industry. All of the details of the industry don’t need to be talked about.

What needs to be talked about is reliability and affordability. The best way of attaining this goal is people with open minds and knowledge of the supply side, or, generation side of the industry. Open minds as to when renewable sources are reliable, affordable, and can be phased into the power grid, and, in time, some conventional sources phased out. This process over time will bring a positive outcome. The all-one-way, or, the-other-way, will only bring a negative outcome.

In the Pagosa Springs area, there are some alternative generation options in the works. Bio-fuel generation, will clean up the forest, making it safer and generating electricity. Geothermal generation is being studied. Low-flow hydro-generation needs to be seriously looked at. These sources will create jobs and electricity for Pagosa and Archuleta County.

There is a gentleman, running for a position on the LPEA Board who has the knowledge and open-minded thought process to bring a positive outcome. The gentleman I will be voting for, and I hope you will, also, is Ken Fox.

Use your power to vote to bring reliable and affordable electric power to you. Vote for Ken Fox.

Dale Glispey

This story was posted on April 3, 2014.