Dear Editor:

I read with interest the article, “Who owns the potholes,” in the Feb. 21 issue. That’s a good question since the ones on Country Center Drive have been there for years. In the past, the town, county, owners of the strip mall, whoever is in charge, never managed to “git ’er done” until late August or September, just in time for the winter weather to come and undo the work. Wouldn’t it be nice if the work were done in the spring so the folks coming to Pagosa Springs could enjoy the summer without it taking a toll on their cars?

There is also a huge problem on North Pagosa where our mailboxes are. In the summer, if it rains, we have a nice lake there. In the winter, we have the same problem with the snowmelt. I would love to know who is in charge of that area so the folks living on Edgewater and all of us living nearby who drive in daily to get our mail could do so without dodging potholes and the water feature.

I noticed an editor’s note to Mr. Keiner’s letter of March 7, that South Pagosa was scheduled for work this year. I hope that will also include the portion before the drive in to Dr. Pruitt’s office.

Marilyn McCann

Amarillo, Texas

This story was posted on March 28, 2013.