Pot holes

Dear Editor:

I have seen the article in The Pagosa SUN concerning the pot holes in the entrance to Country Center Drive.  It is indeed a problem area.  There is another bad pot hole problem in front of the medical center that requires a longer term solution.  This has been the same problem since we moved here five years ago.  The medical center is supposed to be a show piece for Pagosa Springs and having pot holes in front of it does not give one that impression.  It is my understanding that the ownership of this area is the city, not the county.  They continue to fill the pot holes with a loose aggregate, but this solution may only last days.  One would think there is a better solution to fixing this portion of South Pagosa Boulevard.

Len Kleiner

Editor’s note: The town has budgeted repair work on this section of South Pagosa Boulevard for the spring.

This story was posted on February 28, 2013.