Pope Francis

Dear Editor:

In our culture that has become self-centered and materialistic, one in which success and/or individual value is measured by materialistic gains, Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air. He displays the humbleness of his Jesuit teachings as expressed in the book by Manfred Barthel: “The Jesuits: History and Legend of the Society of Jesus,” 1982:

“One should present one’s self to the world not as oneself but in imitation of Jesus Christ by means of one’s service to mankind.”

There is no mention of favoring one over another, all are citizens of mankind. And of course, this was clearly addressed by the Essene communities prior to the birth of Jesus Christ and carried forth by him as the “Greatest Commandment:” to love the Lord our God with all our heart and soul and our neighbors as ourselves.

Patty Tillerson


This story was posted on August 21, 2014.