Pond hockey

Dear Editor:

In my last letter, I mentioned the pond hockey. Well, the tournament has been held and it was successful by a long shot. And talk about local heroes as I often do — two young men (Jeff Quinn and Brian, of the long last name which I can neither spell or pronounce). These two decided to try this and within one month, they had it up and running. They had a huge responsibility on their backs and worked so hard to see their idea come true. And there were lots of spectators (of course, we loved the beautiful weather, but it was a curse to the ice and the players but the players persevered. I would also like to mention Jason and Shelley Cox of Riff Raff Brewing. Jason played and cleaned off the ice, etc. There were volunteers who picked up when they saw that their help was needed.

Stay tuned because there will be more hockey news.

And before I finish, I would like to mention Jim Miller. I have written about him before. He is always available when requests are made. Just a great person who loves watching people have fun in his parks.

Now we must take care of the Liberty Theatre. No one really wants to lose it, but we all must be involved so stay tuned.

I personally want to thank Terri House for last week’s editorial — right on the money.

Cindy Gustafson

This story was posted on January 30, 2014.