Playing the game of Sorry

By Jan Davis
Special to The PREVIEW

A competitive little group gathered around the kitchen table on Friday nights. The single mom didn’t have extra money for movies or dinners out. Game night offered a fun alternative for her young family. Week after week, the game of Sorry and a big bowl of buttery popcorn provided cheap entertainment.

The board game stored on the closet shelf was brought to the table and the board laid open. The cards were placed face down on their designated spot. The players chose their favorite tokens and placed them in the start position of the same color. First turn was determined by age, youngest to oldest. It was a family of four: mom, two daughters and a son. The son, too young to participate, moved the tokens around the board as his sisters counted.

“Sorry,” declared the players with flippant sarcasm when tokens were sent back to start. A nice reprieve from work, Mom enjoyed winning as much as the kids. She didn’t keep track of who won or lost.

One Friday night, the family felt the tension of a close game. Tokens went back to start and “Sorry” was repeated over and over. Each player had one token left in the safety zone. The first one to draw the card with the correct number would move her token home and win. It was the youngest daughter’s turn.

She reached for the card, turned it over to reveal the number.

“Sorry,” she grinned and moved her final token home. The 8-year-old beamed at her mom, “This is the first time I’ve won.”

The mother, shocked, thought, when did the game turn into a competition? The young child never complained. She enjoyed the game, studied the plays, watched and waited. Her daughter showed her it wasn’t about who won, but who played the game. Over a bowl of popcorn and a game of Sorry, the mother learned winners weren’t determined by a board game.

“Show family affection to one another with brotherly love. Outdo one another in showing honor.” —Romans 12:10 (HCSB).

Jesus celebrates our wins and shares our losses. He doesn’t keep track of the times we lose, but acknowledges our determination to win.

Because of Jesus, we are all winners. We belong to his family and know his love.

I love you, but Jesus loves you more.

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This story was posted on September 1, 2016.