Peoples’ right

Dear Editor:

At the Feb. 18, 2014 regular BOCC meeting, I handed each commissioner, a 4 page packet outlining the Peoples’ right to make law through the initiative process, and then I read this statement.

Gentlemen, I am here to give you the opportunity to make things right. It is in your best interest to study the document I just handed you and reflect on the Oath of office, each of you took, to be able to serve the citizens of Archuleta County. I appeared here before you one year ago, to show you that we inherited a bottom up government, not one that is top down. The initiative and referendum process has a solid foundation set forth in 1876, with the establishing documents of this great state. To follow the advice of lies from Todd Starr is folly on your part. You must understand the gravity of what you have endeavored to do, by not following through on your commitment to hold work sessions, dealing with the initiatives presented back in November, 2013. As it stands right now, a conspiracy to commit sabotage, sedition and treason lead by Todd Starr and Clifford Lucero has taken place. Immediate termination of Todd Starr’s contract with the county should be done before any further damage results from his dealings with anyone in the county. A legal brief has been prepared, establishing the foundation on which I and many other citizens stand, when it comes to our rights and if necessary a formal indictment for treason will be drawn up. Each of you may want to seek out your own individual counsel to understand what you have done. As part of your research look up; C.R.S. 18-11-201, advocating overthrow of government and C.R.S. 24-50-133, disqualification of employment for subversive acts. You may want to fully understand conspiracy and collusion also. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Swearing an oath to uphold the constitution and breaking that promise is unforgivable. Get rid of Todd Starr and reschedule the work sessions that you reneged on back in January, when 60 citizens of Archuleta County showed up to participate in their government and you stopped them.

When you wonder what has gone wrong with our government, we don’t need to focus on Washington, DC. The problem is right here in our own backyard.

Greg Giehl

This story was posted on February 27, 2014.