Peace and quiet

Dear Editor:

This year from the middle of April until the beginning of May, the loud droning noise that invaded my house from some external source stopped. Much to my chagrin, the noise began again not two weeks later at the start of May.

The house where I live has been here for almost 16 years. When I moved in, it was quiet and peaceful and I loved it.

The noise I am talking about started about seven or eight years ago and got very loud, almost unbearable, about five years ago. It kind of sounds like my refrigerator is overworking or like the motor is beginning to fail; a disruptive and persistent humming noise. Not even earplugs block it out.

It so interrupts my gloriously quiet sleeping environment that I began shopping for new refrigerators to bring back the serenity that used to invade my home. Thank goodness I never plunked down the duckets for that because I realized the noise was there even when my refrigerator was not running. My next experiment was to turn off the breaker box so no electricity was powering appliances or anything in my house. The noise was still there.

In an effort to get a good night’s sleep, I resorted to running a window fan to block out the incredibly intrusive noise. The fan is constant white noise and drowns out what I don’t like to hear, but it also drowns out the quiet, which I relish. The lesser of two evils is still evil. And, not to mention the expense of running another electric appliance.

The noise is present not only in my home, but probably in your home, too, and all across the Pagosa Springs area. I can say this very confidently because I house and pet sit for a variety of families and I have heard it at all locations from the Echo reservoir area to Meadows subdivisions to the Snowball area and, yes, very definitively in the Pagosa Lakes area.

Other residents and I have talked about the noise and the bad night’s sleep associated with its presence. And how happy I was to know that it was not, “just in my head,” but how saddened I was that other people were also finding difficulty sleeping because of something we have no control over.

Have you heard the noise this letter describes? As a community of involved citizens, we can combine our experience and together come to a very educated understanding of what the noise is and, most importantly, where it comes from. If we work together, we can get some answers and, more importantly, some resolution.

Please write to and share your experiences with the rest of us about your frustrations in dealing with this very intrusive noise.

We will organize a meeting and invite the people who respond to this inquiry.

Thank you for wanting to get back the peace and quiet that we love from living in this small community.

Let’s do this!

Janice Burke

This story was posted on May 9, 2013.