PCNT to discuss spiritual basics for toxic, troubling times

By Janie Garms
Special to The PREVIEW
Join the Pagosa Community of New Thought (PCNT) on Sunday, April 22, as the Rev. Janet brings insight into the spiritual basics for toxic, troubling times, and rising above cynicism and hate.
As spiritual beings, we are called to support a collective consciousness of peace and justice in the world. We are here to fully be who we are and to use our blessings and resources in support of spirit’s ever expanding good, not only in our lives, but in the lives of our neighbors. Our neighbors are not limited to those who live next door, but also include strangers who are different from us and may live far away.
Spirit is calling us to be more. We are to be practitioners of peace and justice in the world. When a critical mass awakens to the truth that all of life is spiritual and all are worthy and deserving of life’s good, then peace and justice will become a reality for all.
Join us for a wonderful discussion to awaken that aspect of ourselves where we are open to the universe and spirit without fear and hesitation.
About us
Unify in shifting the collective consciousness of this planet. What brings us together is much more powerful than what divides us. The Spiritual Living Center (PCNT) is establishing community and exploring all paths to the Divine.
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This story was posted on April 21, 2018.