PAWSD vote

Dear Editor:

Vote for Paul Hansen and Gordon McIver for the PAWSD Board on May 6th. A failure to vote for Hansen and McIver, is a vote for water bill hikes, and residential tax increases. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo; then vote. Better yet, request an absentee ballot or vote by email two weeks in advance. Then celebrate two holidays, one from water and tax increase relief.

Hansen and McIver will join Glenn Walsh and Mike Church to create new commonsense policies at PAWSD. They will establish a culture of “fix the leaks,” and challenge “leaky thinking.”

PAWSD increased water charges in January as part of their four-year 18 percent increase. Second homeowners took the biggest hit; they pay an additional $9 per month, when not here. Chairman Bunch targeted the latter; he knew that many are not voter eligible. Bunch also championed a two-year 32 percent hike, but was rebuffed.

PAWSD charges us a 250 percent penalty for our leaks. PAWSD ignores their leaks of 20 million gallons per month. A reduction in their loss, coupled with new customer accounts, will produce revenue, at no additional cost.

Hansen and McIver will protect the Town’s direct water supply. They will stop costly water pipeline construction from the Snowball Treatment Plant to Lake Hatcher. For the first time in years, the PAWSD board will not approve another bond, without a vote of their customers. Your property tax assessment details your cost for PAWSD bonds.

I focus on the incumbent; he is the chairman of the board. He is accountable for his actions; actions that include water rate increases, sponsorship of costly, unwise projects, and unprofessional behavior. Chairman Bunch took over PAWSD. Defeat Allan Bunch, the “Putin of Pagosa.”

Paraphrasing Woody Guthrie, This water is my water. This water is your water. The incumbent thinks that it is his water to waste. He rejects conservation. He refuses to make water loss reduction priority one.

Here’s my parody on John Cash’s “How high’s the Water Momma?”

How high’s my water bill, Chair Bunch? It nine bucks higher, an risin.

Will it go much higher, Chair Bunch? Sure nough; I’ll keep it risin.

How high’s the water loss, Chair Bunch? Four times standard, an risin.

Why ya ignoring the leaks, Chair Bunch? Cause its cheap; so it’s risin.

Why the fire and brimstone, you wonder? My burn ignited when PAWSD Chair Bunch “thumbed his nose” at his electorate. It exploded when he deserted us to become the big fish in the PAWSD Wastewater Lagoon.

Candidates Jennifer Burch and David West have attended a total of one meeting. At that meeting, Mr. West asked, “What is Dry Gulch?” While he may have engineering knowledge, he exhibited his lack of knowledge of our community and PAWSD; both are a prerequisite to joining the board. Meredith Wilson said it well through Professor Harold Hill’s phrase, “you gotta know the territory.”

Paul Hansen and Gordon McIver will act on our behalf when we elect them.

John S. Ramberg

This story was posted on March 27, 2014.