Dear Editor:

In last week’s Letters to the Editor section, two letters discussed recreational activities and also, arts and music for our beautiful community. I couldn’t agree more with both of the letters. Pagosa Springs needs something new, fresh and entertaining.

One letter was championing the proposed new recreation center which, on the surface, sounds nice but would incorporate the usual pitfalls of bonds and taxation which, ultimately, we citizens of Pagosa will have to pay for. And this recreation center wouldn’t address the issue of music and the arts in Pagosa Springs that the second letter addressed.  That letter was correct, too. Building the arts and music in Pagosa is a perfect, pristine way of helping develop our community economy while championing cultural activities which reflect the beauty that nature has already provided for us here.

I attended a fund-raiser last Friday afternoon for a local non-profit organization which is working diligently to create and build exactly the kind of facility that both letters discussed, but, without any loans, municipal bonds or taxation of our citizens. The Friends of Pagosa Multi-Purpose Pavilion had their first of five fund-raisers to create “A Taste of Pagosa Cookbook “ on Friday at the Quality Resort. I really enjoyed the recipe competition and dessert tasting, but along the way, I discovered what a community minded, culturally-minded organization they really are.

They are working to build a facility which would be a hard floor in the summer with roller skating, music, dances and private parties.  It will be the home rink for the RIP girls (a few were there in their roller skates).There will also be DJ-hosted dances and summer camp activities for kids, Big Brothers Big Sisters and other “give-back” organization summer activities. I discovered that they are already in discussion with the towns of Telluride and Aspen to create a “round-robin” music festival with those cities as well as bringing Music in the Mountains back to Pagosa Springs. In the summer, the pavilion would be exactly the type of entertainment, art and music facility that was talked about.

Additionally in the winter, there would be a regulation hockey size ice rink with public skating, figure skating and hockey for adults and kids. No more relying on Mother Nature for a decent skating surface. And since this organization is already a member of the Chamber of Commerce, they want to participate with Pagosa’s Winter Fest activities with ice skating shows and hockey tournaments. What a fabulous facility this could be for Pagosa Springs.

Since they are a non-profit organization (all profits would go for sports scholarships for our kids, the Friends of Pagosa Multi-Purpose Pavilion would not be asking for us to agree to municipal bonds or tax money from us in order to build exactly the kind of facility that the letter writers spoke about.  Thus it would enhance both business and culture in our community.

Their next cookbook fund-raiser is in mid-January. I’m going to be there supporting them and cheering them on. You should be there, too.

Steve Taylor

This story was posted on December 12, 2013.