Dear Editor:

At the Dec. 9 public information meeting concerning the proposed recreation center, I noted the downtown location being considered. Is this only because the site is “free” — already owned by the city? That location seems to be a bit out of the way for people driving through and around in Pagosa Springs.

Since most of our out-of-town guests stay at the lodgings west of town (Wyndham, Quality Resort, Pagosa Inn and Suites, etc.), wouldn’t a more western location be a better choice?

That certainly is a factor in the thinking of the team promoting the Multipurpose Pavilion hopefully to be located in the Harman Park area. It would be readily visible from U.S. 160 and would be an unmistakable reminder of Pagosa Springs’ commitment to our residents and guests.

Additionally, the Pavilion would provide a venue for a number of the features being touted at the downtown location. During much of the year, the hard surface would not be covered with ice for skating and could be utilized for a great number of the proposed downtown activities.

Plus, being totally covered and enclosed only on the south and west sides, it would provide lots of fresh air and incredible views for its patrons.

I have seen photographs and “floorplans” of the proposed Pavilion and have driven by a similar structure in Klamath Falls, Ore., and was very impressed by its natural blending into an environment not unlike Pagosa Springs.

The Multipurpose Pavilion team has lots of information about this privately funded project at their fund-raisers and would love to share it with you next on Jan. 17. at The View.

Steve Taylor

This story was posted on December 19, 2013.