Pass mandatory mask ordinance

Dear Editor:

Listening for a bit to the Town Council’s hearing last Tuesday on a proposal to require masks in town, as Durango does, I was pleasantly surprised to hear how balanced and reasonable both sides were in presenting their arguments. Good for the Council and good for us. Regardless, I come down firmly on the side of requiring masks. There are numerous laws in place to protect public health and hygiene for the greater good. You cannot spit, urinate or defecate in public. No one says it’s their constitutional or God-given right to do so. These laws were largely passed to prevent tuberculosis, cholera or other diseases and they are not contested. Why is a sensible precaution of requiring masks any different? Rights used to come with duties and obligations to the common good. That seems no longer to be the case, and personal gratification masquerades as moral and legal certitude. 

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This story was posted on July 9, 2020.