Pagosa MAKERS Expo and Tour announces participants

By Leanne Goebel
Special to The PREVIEW

The Pagosa MAKERS Expo and Tour is a two-day, interactive experience providing MAKERS an opportunity to bring their creative endeavors from the basement, garage and kitchen table out for public viewing and consumption.

MAKERS are do-it-yourself (DIY)ers, recycle and up cycle creators and innovators who make anything: fine art, crafts, traditional arts, robots, rockets, tools, movies, beer, baked goods, preserves, organic food, artisanal cheeses, music, coffee, quilts, soap, herbal remedies, clothing and more.

The expo takes place at SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts and the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts, while the tour portion will happen at studios, homes and businesses in the central Pagosa corridor.

This year, we are happy to announce the following MAKERS will participate:

• SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts will host Michael Coffee, Denise Coffee, Diane Davis, Kathie Disner, Charla Ellis, Chris Haas, Gail Hershey, Karl Isberg, Ivy King, Daniel Joslin, Cynthia Mitchell, Chris Nelson, Donna Nelson, Jennifer Robinson, June Russell, Michele White and Sandy Applegate.

• Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts will host Denise Chaney, Lyn Dryburgh, Sonrisas Spanish School, Karen Aspin, Nancy Green, Markus Hughes, Leanne Goebel, Paula Jo Miller, Rick Jewell, Steve Kolhagen, Curtains Up! Pagosa, Christa Laos, Bernard Reinhardt, Susan Martin Serra, Lake and Carolyn McCullough, Jessica Peterson, Dee Pitchon, Tina Rolig, Steve Rolig, Emily Tholberg, Pagosa Peacemakers Quilt Guild, Marilyn Wargo, Marsha Gallagher, Autumn Teneyl, Mary Walls and Syl Lobato.

• Tour participants include: Anne Campbell, Todd Condon, Katherine Cruse, John E. Farley, Tessie Garcia, Chad Haspels, Gerry Kmack, Marcia Kmack, Judy Robbins, Karina Silver and other businesses.

The goal is to attract 1,300 visitors to participate in the tour.

For more information, contact Leanne Goebel at 903-5272 or email

This story was posted on April 24, 2014.