Pagosa MAKERS Expo and Tour accepting applications for 2014 event

By Leanne Goebel
Special to The PREVIEW

The Pagosa MAKERS Expo and Tour is accepting applications for the 2014 event happening Oct. 11-12. Early applications are necessary as there is a high demand for booth spaces at this year’s event. Many makers are requesting double spaces. Also, advertising and marketing will begin earlier this year, so it is imperative that participants get their applications in by March 31.

The Pagosa MAKERS Expo and Tour is a two-day, interactive experience providing MAKERS an opportunity to bring their creative endeavors from the basement, garage and kitchen table out for public viewing and consumption.

MAKERS are do-it-yourself (DIY)ers, recycle and up-cycle creators and innovators who make anything: fine art, crafts, traditional arts, robots, rockets, tools, movies, beer, baked goods, preserves, organic food, artisanal cheeses, music, coffee, quilts, soap, herbal remedies, clothing and more.

The expo takes place at SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts and the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts, while the tour portion will happen at studios, homes and businesses in the central Pagosa corridor.

Our goal is to attract 1,300 visitors to participate free in the tour.

We will spend approximately $10,000 to advertise this event around the region and attract visitors to the area.

Why you should participate:

• To market and promote what you make before, during and after the event.

• Exposure to potential new customers from outside of Pagosa Springs.

• Social interaction with fellow MAKERS.

• To share your creativity, expertise and inspire others.

How much it will cost:

• Musicians/performers/poets (no booth) $50.

• Selling MAKER at expo booth $100.

• Selling MAKER at studio/workshop $100.

• Commercial business $150.

• Commercial gallery (more than three MAKERS) $300.

A booth space will include one draped table, one chair and a sign featuring the name of MAKER. If you are selling and do not have a sales tax license, you will be required to purchase a special, temporary permit from the state of Colorado. This will cost an additional $12. For more information, please visit:

Download an application at

Call for MAKERS will close March 31.

This story was posted on March 13, 2014.