Dear Editor:

I am writing to advise your support of Sal Pace, candidate for the 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. Congress. There are three reasons why I do so.

 First, Sal identifies with the needs of Coloradans and especially the district.  He lives the life of a family facing issues of the day — educating children, protecting the environment, health, planning for retirement, budgeting for current and future needs, insuring public safety. He is honorable, forthright and honest. He listens well and acts with deliberation. I admire him as an individual and as a public servant.

 Second, Sal has a record in the Colorado House of crafting and implementing common sense solutions to real problems facing real people in these difficult times: education, jobs, the environment.

 Third, he has shown an independence in crafting legislation that solves problems rather than party-line proposals; solutions, not position-taking and obstruction. He works to take care of matters that really do matter, finding the best ideas and implementing them, regardless of where they come from.

 I believe he will make a fine Congressman, representing the views of all citizens of the district.   I ask you to vote for Sal Pace on Nov. 6.

 Terry Pickett

This story was posted on September 13, 2012.