Dear Editor:

I wonder if anyone else is noticing the disturbing shift towards a socialist state by our local governments, town and county. The governments of this great republic were never supposed to generate jobs or fund businesses of any sort; they were give the authority to regulate commerce, not own it.

The definition of “socialism” is ownership of exploitable capital and means of production by the government, not by individuals or by private enterprise. There are several instances locally of this trend towards socialism. Funding the Town Tourism Council and Community Development Corporation are just two examples of using taxes collected from We the People and redistributed to a select few for their personal gain. Funding of any government activity is directed and authorized by the Constitution only. Any use of funds raised by taxation in direct violation of the intent of the Constitution is criminal activity by all parties involved. Whatever happened to private enterprise funding itself?

Reservoir Hill is a prime example of a very small group wanting to take control of a public asset for their own profit. If the TTC wants a ski lift, why don’t they go purchase a piece of land and build it there? The reason is simple; there are people among us who have learned how to manipulate our government to their personal benefit and they make it one of their goals in life to do just that. They take assets purchased with taxes paid by We the People and transfer it to their own accounts. As usual, wording of ballot issues is confusing because of all the deceit in this system of government. A vote “yes” is a vote to give We the People control over a public asset. A vote “no” is a vote to give control of a public asset to a select few in the community. It is time to take back our government and hold our public employees accountable for any criminal activity they are involved in. Get out and vote on April 23.

Overtaxed and fed up,

Greg Giehl

This story was posted on April 11, 2013.