Dear Editor:

I just finished Dan Brown’s new novel, “Inferno.”

Dan Brown’s book is a good read, but this letter is not a book review. The book’s merit is that it brings up the politically explosive subject of runaway population growth. Books remain the last bastion of serious political discourse only because the authors can speak through the mouth of fictional characters. Dan Brown’s books will never have the impact of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” nor Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn,” but they are a good try.

Since Lucy’s time a million years ago, overpopulation of the hominoid species had never been a problem until along came Pasteur who messed up the works and the population of the earth has increased to about six billion, most of the growth in the past century. In the USA, the lifespan has doubled over the same time period.

Of course, as author Brown points out, mankind is both oblivious and in denial to the disaster predicted 200 years ago by Malthus. So far, science and technology have been able to stave off the coming disaster, but this option may be playing out. Read the book to see what Brown thinks.

The NRA under the guidance of Glen Beck stands ready and willing, but perhaps unable to thin the herd. History teaches that past efforts along this line have proven ineffective. While I believe the solutions suggested by both Dan Brown and the NRA will prove ineffective, I also believe the policy advocated by the White Geezers of banning birth control pills for females while subsidizing Viagra for themselves is insane.

I am confident that the problem of overpopulation will be solved, at least in America, by the hamburger and soda pop companies. Within another generation, most Americans will be physically unable to procreate.

Bob Dungan


This story was posted on June 6, 2013.