Dear Editor:

The county held a meeting and invited all the residents from a few streets in Lake Pagosa Park and Pagosa in the Pines II to attend. The meeting was to discuss the commissioners’ intention of tearing up the paved streets of Pines Drive, Masters Circle, Fiesta Lane, Enchanted Place, Dayspring Place and Carefree Place and reverting them to gravel because the county has so grossly mismanaged the property tax revenues that they cannot afford to fix the roads.

The only person who attended the meeting who supported the commissioners’ decision happens to be employed by the county. Go figure. All of the roads in question were built by the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association in the ’70s, and the county adopted them in the mid ’80s and then paved them in the late ’80s. Since that day, not a lick of maintenance, has been done to ensure their longevity. Despite the county’s neglect to perform any maintenance they have lasted through 25 Pagosa winters. And, for 25 years, the property owners of the 158 lots adjacent to the streets in question have been contributing to a county road infrastructure, which built the rest of the roads inside the PLPOA plus miles of rural county roads.

If the county ever expects to become fiscally stable, it must revamp its property tax structure. When one densely populated neighborhood’s tax dollars go towards the maintenance of every other road in the county except their own, something is savagely wrong. So far, the county has only targeted a few roads to revert. If you live on Butte Drive, Cloud Cap Avenue, Monument Drive, Jaunty Court, Gallop Place, Inspiration Court, Pines Club Place, East and West Golf, you can expect the same rude announcement because your roads are next. We can take our county back. Contact me: mutinyonthecounty@gmail.com, an organized campaign by outraged taxpayers.

Jennifer Burck

This story was posted on July 18, 2013.