Dear Editor:

Let’s work together to do better!

I would like to begin this letter by thanking the current school board members for their commitment to the Archuleta County School District, and for giving up countless hours in service to our community. I truly believe that all the current members and those who will be contesting the available seats are seeking to serve our young people in the best way they know how. I also believe that every person who has commented on the election in the public forum, also has a passion to see that we are doing our very best to insure the highest standard of education possible in our Pagosa schools, for our children.

The operative word here is “our.” This election matters to all of us. Every citizen has “skin in the game” for this election, whether you are concerned for your own children or grandchildren, or simply want to see a focal point of our community be an excellent education for all of our youngest citizens. When our young people thrive and succeed, we all do. Shouldn’t that be something we are all committed to? This is a goal truly worth pursuing for our community. I am not so naive that I don’t grasp that we might seek different means to that end. Would that be such a bad thing? Our school district teeters on the seesaw of just below average, and a smidgen above average. Is that good enough? You can dazzle the public with all the different manipulations of test data, etc. and it still points to that just “good enough” seesaw. Why can’t we work together on this? The challenges of our school district are diverse and will take a diverse set of voices to meet them. Two gentlemen who add to this diversity, and bring unique perspectives are Bruce Dryburgh and Brooks Lindner. I will vote for Bruce Dryburgh for his valuable financial discernment, and ability to ask tough questions. I will also vote for Brooks Lindner. I have worked alongside Brooks at the high school and saw first hand his incredible talent as an educator, and unique insights on curriculums. It is my fondest wish that we would put aside the sniping, and keep our eyes on the children of our community who deserve better from us. Let’s work together and find a place for all the talents being offered to our young people! I tremendously respect Tim Taylor, and have always felt that he would be a wonderful asset to the further development of our STEM program at the Elementary School level. Again, my thanks go out to all the candidates and current board members for your investment in our young people. In a world full of “Monday Morning Quarterbacks,” all of these candidates have expressed a desire to actually leave the comfort of the peanut gallery, and do something.

Stephanie Graveson

This story was posted on October 24, 2013.